Sport Managers Explore the Career World

Washington State University opened up to their doors to many professionals of all areas in the sport world on March 31st. Washington State held a Sport Management Career Exploration to give the students in the program an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. Washington State Sport Management program relayed the schedule of the event on their social media pages to reach the student population:

This Career Exploration gave students the opportunity to hear from different respected areas of the sport world. At this event there were speakers from high school, collegiate and professional levels of jobs in sport. Also, there were different speakers that touched on the aspects of working for the community and also working as an event coordinator for different event. Putting on this event is a great way for students in the Sport Management program to learn from different people on their own pathways into what they are doing today.

Washington State University gives their students an advantage while putting on this event. A career exploration fair gives students the opportunity to learn about possible jobs and if they are the right fit for that student. With people all over the spectrum of sport their, the students have the ability to hear day to day tasks and that student right then can make the assumption on if that job will be right for them. Many organizations like Major League Baseball teams put on similar career fairs to show people what it is like to work in professional baseball.

With the sport world being so competitive when it comes to jobs, networking goes a long way. This event is not necessarily focussed on giving people jobs. It is focussed on giving students a chance to network and learn about different areas of work in sports. This is why I think it is such a good idea for Washington State University to put this career exploration on. They are setting their students up with connections that could last a life time.


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