The Life of a Double Major

Interviewing Scott, a double major at Washington State University, was very interesting to me. This was my first experience with interviewing another person and I learned a lot through the process. If interviewing athletes is something you want to do, this assignment teaches you a lot. Overall, it took me close to an hour to film and around three hours to edit the interview. Working with different angles was interesting because some of the angles did not work out for us. Due to our location, the lighting would not work and it was frustrating. Though, the angle that did work gave the viewer an interesting angle of the interviewee not looking at them, but talking to the interviewer. I am not interested in the media side of sport but this really helped me learn a lot about it and it was interesting to learn about someone else. Interviewing a double major was amazing because I learned different difficulties and enjoyments of college through someone else’s experience. Here is what Scott Brownlee had to say about his experiences as a double major:

Talking to Scott about his upcoming graduating with a second degree was a great experience. Working in sport broadcasting is his dream and he is on the right track. With two degrees coming out of college, Scott has done what he needs to do to work his dream job with the Seattle Mariners. Scott has many different avenues he could take to work for the Mariners in broadcasting which has to be a great feeling for him. While being a double major, Scott finds that he still has time to do other things and enjoy his time outside of school.

I know that Scott is on the right career path because he loves sports and he spends most of his time outside of school enjoying them. I wish Scott the best of luck on graduation and in his future endeavors.

Washington State University Spring Commencement is set for May 6th. Congratulations Scott!

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