High school is when I realized that I wanted to pursue a career is an area that is connected to sports. My career aspirations today are to become an Athletic Director at either the high school or collegiate level. Coming into college I had hopes to become a physical therapist and work for a team at the professional sport level. But coming into Washington State University I learned that they offered a Sport Management major. Once I joined sport management and starting learning about the business of sport I grew a deeper passion for sport. What this program really did for me is help me realize where my love for sport started; high school. When playing sports in high school that is when I had the most fun, made the best relationships and bettered myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Working as a high school athletic director would bring me to a place where I could be surrounded by the most pure version of sport that I can think of.

Starting at the age of three, my parents have pushed soccer into my life. For as long as I can remember, a soccer ball has been at my feet. I have not had the opportunity to go and expand into the international perspective of any sport in my short lifetime thus far. One life goal of mine has always been to go to the World Cup and experience soccer at the biggest stage in the world. Growing up playing soccer at a highly competitive level, I have met many people from all over the world. What I love about soccer and sport in general is no matter where your from, passion for a sport brings everyone together. With my experience playing alongside these kids from opposite sides of the world, my passion has grown and has given me the want to gain an international perspective on the sport world.